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Dog Pajamas

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  • Dark Blue Zip-up Fleece-lined Pajamas
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  • Great selection of Jumpsuit Dog Pajamas available at Doggo Outfitters
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  • Super cute Starry night Dog Pajama Onsie available at Doggo Outfitters
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Dog Pajamas

Comfortable Dog Pajamas for a warm and comfy sleep

Pajamas, pyjamas, whatever! We like them because their warm and comfy to sleep in. Your dog likes warm and comfy too! And your dog also has doggy sleep time! So why not get him some comfy dog pajamas that he’ll love!

We care about your dog’s sleep. That’s why we choose only pajamas made of soft and delicate materials to ensure a comfortable sleep for your canine companion.

Not only will our pajamas keep your dog comfy. You will also be able to keep your dog warm throughout the night with them. With our pajamas you’ll have protected them from any breeze or chill they might feel throughout the night.


  • We offer only the comfiest dog pajamas
  • Made of delicate cotton blends so your dog can have a perfect sleep
  • Sizes are available for small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs!
  • Free shipping when on purchases above $ 30.00

With our dog pajamas your dog can feel like it’s being snuggled all night long in a soft and warm embrace!

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