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Dog Sweaters & Sweatshirts

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  • Classic Turtleneck Knitted Sweater
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  • Comfortable and warm Dog Sweaters & Sweatshirts at Doggo Outfitters online shop
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  • Collared Shirt & V-Neck Sweater Ensemble
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  • Preppy Mid-Sleeve Sweater
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  • Striped Sweater and Denim Jumpsuit
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Dog Sweaters & Sweatshirts

Warm and affordable Dog Sweaters & Sweatshirts for Winter

You’d layer up in a warm sweater in those cold winter months. So why not your dog? With our warm Dog Sweaters & Sweatshirts your canine companion can feel just as warm as you on his walks!

Our amazing selection of quality dog sweaters & sweatshirts are designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. We want to keep you dog warm and comfortable so that he can really enjoy his dog walks!

That’s why our varied selection gives you, and your dog, the choice of something that suits your particular dog’s style and personality, whatever the occasion. Maybe your dog wants to join in the Christmas celebration with a Christmas sweater. Maybe you have a sophisticated dog with specific tastes and prefers a classic look. Whatever the case, our dog sweaters & sweatshirts are suited to your dog’s desires.

Most important for us is your dog’s comfort. That is why we keep comfort at the forefront of our lines. Because we care we make sure our sweaters & sweatshirts are all made of delicate, soft and comfortable materials that agree with your dog’s fur. We want each fit to feel like a snuggle to your dog!


  • Made of soft and comfortable materials
  • Designed to let your dog move freely
  • Sizes range from small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs!
  • We offer free shipping on orders above $ 30.00

Everybody feels the cold, even your dog. Owners that care will make sure to get their dog one of our comfortable and warm dog sweaters & sweatshirts. Get your dog a sweater or sweatshirt that they’ll love your for!

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